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Kranti teerth
Kranti Sandesh
18th January,2012 issue No: 4
Celebrations at "Kranti Teerth"
In week from 06/01/2012 to 11/01/2012 week total 7848 visitors, 31 Primary Schools, 11 Secondary Schools and 2 Colleges have turned up at the Memorial which includes the public from all walks of life.

Rannotsav visitors from different states of India visited Memorial phase wise and pleased to see the place and the maintenance work as well as services and co-operation of staff members.
Western Visitors visited the Memorial from Australia and New York, U.S.A.
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About Kranti Teerth
The British ruled over India for over two hundred years.

Many individuals took on the might of the British to free India. Shyamji Krishna Varma chose to take this fight to British soil and made London his base.

Shyamji Krishna Varma was born on 4th October, 1857 in Mandvi town of Kutch district of Gujarat.

He was one of the foremost freedom fighters in the history of the freedom movement of India with high sense of patriotism and selfless service for the nation.

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The Salt March
The Salt March
In early April, 1930 Gandhi, 61 years old, reached Dandi after walking 241 miles in 24 days. He then defied the law by making salt.

It was a brilliant, non-violent strategy by Gandhi. To enforce the law of the land, the British had to arrest the satyagrahis (soldiers of civil disobedience) and Indians courted arrest in millions.
There was panic in the administration and Indian freedom struggle finally gathered momentum both inside and outside of India.
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January 1924- Gopinath Saha tried to assassinate Charles Tegart, the hated Police Commissioner of Calcutta. By an error, another Englishman named Day was killed
January 29- Subhas Bose was elected by 1580 votes against 1377. Gandhi declared that 'Pattabhi's defeat is my defeat'
January, 1942- Nehru came to the forefront to argue that Congress should once again offer the British co-operation in the war effort and make preparations to resist the Japanese
January 30- Mahatma Gandhi was attending prayers, he was shot and killed by Nathuram Godse, a 35-year old editor of a Hindu Mahasabha extremist weekly in Poona.